Is Bottled Water Safe For Dogs?

Is Bottled Water Safe For Dogs?

Woman Feeds Dog Water from Bottle

“I gave my pet some bottled water! I hope it’s okay!!” This worry may come through many pet owners minds, presumptuously yours as you are reading this article, but not to worry as the answer is quite simple.

Certain bottled waters contain a chemical in the plastic of the bottle called BPA, or Bisphenol A. BPA is a chemical used in the manufacture of certain plastic containers that often can leech from food or drink containers, such as water bottles, into the material being consumed.

Portable Pet Water Bottles

Studies show that BPA can affect the levels of certain hormones in your dog, the bacteria in the gut of your dog, and your dog’s reproductive ability.

In general, BPA is NOT good for dogs. However, many bottled water brands now offer BPA free water bottles, and they’re quite easy to identify. Look at the bottom of the bottle. You should see a number, this is the plastic material code. If you see a 7, then BPA may have been used in the manufacture of the plastic. You can also look for food grade PET plastic, which does not contain BPA.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this, however, or would like to go for a more sustainable option, the best route to take for your pet is to buy a reusable pet water bottleBearBottles offers a selection of BPA free dog water bottles that are convenient to carry and contain a built in bowl unit so your dog can drink from the bottle without you needing to carry a separate bowl.

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