The Importance of Water for Your Dog's Health and Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

The Importance of Water for Your Dog's Health and Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

A dog’s health relies on one thing more than anything else. But it’s not a vitamin. Nor a mineral. Nor is it a food or any other nutrient for that matter. Can you guess what it is? It is water.

While a dog can live for weeks without food (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS), without water, a dog will die within days. Furthermore, a dog can become severely dehydrated after just 24 hours.

As a main component of properly functioning cells in a dog’s body, it is vital that they get adequate water to keep hydrated. Water helps the dog’s body with digestion, nutrient transportation, temperature regulation, and joint lubrication. Water works to help break down consumed foods, and transport the nutritious compounds from those foods between cells that need them. Additionally, water removes waste products produced by cells. Water also aids in the process of sweating and panting, in which dogs give off heat through their paws and tongue to cool down. Water is of great importance for keeping a dog’s joints healthy. It is a primary ingredient in the cartilage that protects a dog’s joints, and without adequate hydration a dog may become uncomfortable while moving.

Signs of Dehydration in Dogs:

Check your dog’s nose or mouth for wetness. If either is dry, your pet may be dehydrated.

If your dog’s eyeballs appear recessed or dry, they may be dehydrated.

Your dog may be experiencing dehydration if their gums are light colored, sticky to the touch, or feel drier than normal

How much water should a dog drink?

PetMD recommends a dog drinks 1 oz of water for every pound (.45kg) of body mass daily. However, several factors, such as whether your dog eats wet or dry food, the outside temperature, and your dog’s level of activity, may affect how much water is necessary to give your dog. In general, it is not good to limit how much water is given to your dog, unless recommended by a veterinary professional.

Tips to keep your pet hydrated:

Whenever you reach for some water, fill up your pet’s water bowl.

Purchase a portable pet water bottle for your dog to keep them hydrated on the go. BearBottles offers a portable dog water bottle with a built in drinking bowl for ultimate convenience.

Feed your dog wet food, as it contains water

By keeping yourself prepared and paying attention to your dog, it is easy to keep them hydrated. Be sure to pay extra care to your dog’s hydration levels on hot days and make filling your pet’s water bowl a habit.

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