Water Is An Important Nutrient For Your Dogs: Buy Portable Water Bottles

Water Is An Important Nutrient For Your Dogs: Buy Portable Water Bottles

Dog water bottles are an excellent choice even to use at home because dogs never consume adequate amounts of water. And just like human beings, dogs also need to keep themselves hydrated to prevent an array of disorders. 

How Much Water Does Your Dog Need?

The thumb rule when it comes to water consumption for dogs is that for every pound, they need one ounce of water. For instance, if your dog is a large one and weighs about 40 kgs, it will need 1.1 liters of water in a day. However, if your dog is pregnant or has recently given birth to puppies, or is super active, your dog will need more than the average amount.

What Happens When Your Dog Doesn’t Receive Enough Water?

When your dog doesn’t receive adequate amounts of water, it can become ill or dehydrated. It can also damage its organs because of severe water deficiency. If the scarcity of water lasts long, it will cause the organs, such as kidneys and liver to shut down. Usually, dogs are well-versed in taking care of themselves and consume enough water every day. Some of the reasons why dehydration may occur include; 

  • Kidney Disease 

  • Metabolic Disorders 

  • Cancer 

  • Pregnancy or when nursing 

If your dog isn’t drinking enough water, it is imperative to take him to a vet immediately. 

How To Check If Your Dog Is Dehydrated?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to see if your dog is dehydrated

  • Gently pinch his skin between the shoulder blades.

  • Once you pinch the shoulder blades, gently pull it up and release it 

  • If the skin falls into its place easily then there is no dehydration. However, if it takes longer than usual, your dog may be dehydrated. 

Your dog may also be dehydrated if its gums appear sticky or pale if his eyes are drunken or sunken or if you notice a dry nose and mouth. 

If you notice these signs, visit your vet immediately. It is imperative that you always check your dog’s water consumption. 

Reasons Why Your Dog May Not Be Drinking Enough Water

  • Wet or Homemade food: When your dog consumes wet or moisture-rich food, it is possible that it fulfills his daily requirements. So, if that’s the case, you don’t have to worry about his water intake. 

  • Sickness: If there is an underlying sickness, such as pain, your dog may not drink enough water. In such cases, it is important to take your dog to the doctor. 

As you can very well see, dogs need water as it aids their health, just like human beings. One of the reasons why dogs drink water is because you don’t carry their bottle with you everywhere you go because it is a hassle. However, there are dog water bottles for sale that help you fulfill the requirements. For instance, dog water bottles for sale by Bear Bottle are user-friendly and come with a dispenser, through which your dog can easily gulp down the fluids. It is easy to carry and oh-so-cool. Buy it here today!

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